All in one Career – Reiki Mastership

Reiki Mastership is emerging as the best healing profession all around the world enabling you to grow financially & spiritually as well.

Future is for Reiki Masters :-

Growing dissatisfaction & side effects of modern medicine is diverting people towards alternative methods of Natural Healing in which Reiki is the most simplest yet powerful result oriented healing technique appreciated and adopted by all existing medical system as a complimentary aid. No doubt, Reiki Masters Demand is growing day by day and in future it will be on high.

Hospitals & Nursing Homes are appointing Reiki Masters :-

Several renowned Hospitals, nursing homes, health resorts & holistic hospitals have separate, exclusive healing sections for Reiki and other spiritual & holistic healing sciences. Several projects are coming up and the demand of expert Reiki Masters will obviously grow I near future.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is one of the leading cardiovascular surgeons in the United States was one of the first to include a Reiki practitioner in his department at The Columbia Presbyterian Medical Centre in New York City where he runs the heart assist device program and the Complementary Care Centre. The New York Times Magazine reported that Dr. Oz has allowed the use of Reiki during open heart surgeries and heart transplant operations. Dr. Oz says : “Reiki has become a sought-after healing art among patients and mainstream medical professionals.” Reiki can be done both in person or by distant healing sessions.
The Reiki Mastership the only profession needs no academic qualification :-

Reiki Mastership is the only spiritual healing profession in which no academic qualification is essential to become a perfect Master. All you need is a simple nature of caring, healing, faith & dedication.

Reiki Master – A designation more than a post graduate professional :

If you couldn’t succeed in Academic Qualification, do not feel inferior. Become a Reiki Master & move with a great pride in society.

Could not fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor ?

You have still the best lucrative option of becoming a prestigious Reiki Master. All the profession may give you earthly satisfaction but Reiki Mastership gives benefits of both earthly & spiritual world. All professions have one world in their hand. Reiki Masters have both the world in their hands.

Make your daughter, daughter in law, wife & retired parents self dependent & self sustained :

Fulfil your purpose on this earth if you have no better choice for earning or bringing out your talents. Become a successful Reiki Master and satisfy all your physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual needs. Because love & care are the basic nature of every human being & the Reiki is nothing but loving & caring.

Do you have a dream to go abroad and earn money in thousands of dollars ?

Several young boys and girls took Reiki Mastership Course from Reiki Bless You and went abroad with our certificate and experience. Now they run a Reiki Healing Clinic and Reiki Institute for their living and earn lot of money through this Art of Healing because in western countries Reiki has already taken acceptance as science. This way you can remain busy and side by side it will be a sacred way of earning with dignity.

Do you want to serve suffering humanity?

Become a Reiki Master : The best way to remain busy in this busy world is to serve the suffering humanity, eradicating their health and life problems by initiating them into Reiki.

Do you want your friends and family members to get rid of their diseases & sufferings?

Become a Reiki Master and initiate them into Reiki. If you have earnest desire to help all suffering people around you (side by side with your business & career), become a Reiki Master probably you may be Responsible for thousands of people’s new life, which in turn may bestow you with unlimited happiness- would you like to miss? Can you afford to loose?

Is there any Government recognition given to the Reiki Healing Technique and it's certification in India?

There is a good news that an university of Nagpur, India (Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University) is offering the following courses of Reiki :-

(a) Certificate course in Reiki (6 months)
(b) PG Diploma in Alternative & Complementary Therapy which includes :-

(i) Anatomy & physiology, biochemistry & nutrition.
(ii) Reiki (Level I & II) and Reiki and Crystal Healing.

With Reiki becoming the part of formal curriculum of the Nagpur University, Reiki and meditation in our lives have gained formal acceptance now. The beginning of these courses is a giant leap towards globalization of Reiki.

Do you want to set up your own Healing Clinic?

If you want to open your own clinic for Reiki Healing then you can do so after learning Advanced Reiki which is called Reiki Level II. After doing Reiki I and II, you will become Advanced Reiki Healer and you can heal people in person and in absence also. We will help you to set up your clinic because after doing this course you will receive an internationally recognised certificate from Reiki Healing Foundation which will allow you to practice Reiki Healing System.

DISCLAIMER - We as Reiki Healers never challenge the mainstream therapies, like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc. We respect each mainstream therapies. What we say is that we help patients to relax and energy level of the patient is treated. With this treatment the inner healing system is activated so that the person's healing ability is amplified and complete well being is established. We have no competition as such with medical science. We are independent healing system but we work with other therapies as well and in fact, we complement them. We are Reiki healers (Reiki Channels) not medical doctors. We don't prescribe anything. We help you to regain your confidence and make you positive in life, thus complementing the healing process. Reiki is an intelligent energy, so it does what it should do to heal certain ailments. Reiki works because it does.