(i) Reiki Level I Manual

(ii) A CD containing the followings :-

(a) Om meditation music

(b) Instructional tape for self healing practice

(c) Video on self healing and healing of others.

(d) Video on Aura scanning.

(iii) A pen and writing materials.


1. Reiki History & its miracles on physical, mental, psychic, spiritual, family, social and global level.

2. Scientific evidence & medical acceptance.

3. Instant Body & Mind relaxation techniques.

4. Deep Chakra Activation & Meditation.

5. Prevention from bacteria, pollution & all negative energies & radiations.

6. High (Reiki) energy food for ultimate longevity, immunity & rapid rejuvenation.

7. The theory of atom (Quantum Physics).

8. The power of Thought Projection & Intention.

9. Communication with all living & non-living.

10. Aura (The human energy field) - how to sense, feel, scan, push, see, measure, empower & protect it.

11. Third eye activation to know negative & positive people & energies.

12. Recognising positive & negative energies of food, gems, medicines, thought etc. through Aura.

13. The science of Quartz crystal - An empowering tool for health, success & prosperity.

14. Rebirth meditation - A powerful emotional-release experience.

15. Simple formula for developing total awareness, freedom from all stress, misery & celebrating life in abundance.

16. Natural law of permanent cure & freedom from all diseases.

17. Healing self, others, plants, animals living & non living & much more.



(i) Reiki Level II Manual

(ii) A CD containing the followings :-

(a) Om meditation music

(b) Video on self healing and healing of others with symbols

(c) Video on Aura cleaning with symbols.

(iii) A pen and writing materials.


1. Knowing various mystical sciences & your psychic powers (Intuition, clairvoyance,
telepathy, subconscious mind, Telekinesis, Dowsing, secrets of past life & healing).

2. Demystifying Tantra-Yantra-Mantra.

3. The amazing power of Symbols & Intention.

4. The most powerful meditation for developing all psychic abilities & Kundalini.

5. Activation of the Third eye & its wide uses.

6. Method of instantly empowering anything & everything ( food, crystal, charka, etc.) for peak performance.

7. Clearing negative energy of any place, person or object.

8. Create energy shield & protect yourself, others, your house, car, any person from all kinds of negative energies tantriks, Spirits or environmental dangers.

9. Release all negative thoughts emotions & blockages and create Love, harmony & strong relationships.

10. Tap the unlimited power of your subconscious mind & carve your own destiny, personality, qualities & free yourself from all negative complexes, habits & addictions.

11. Practical & scientific evidence of instant symbol energy.

12. Heal anything & everything from a distance - diseases, problems, negative people, future events, circumstances, bad planetary conditions and bitter relationships thus creating a powerful & a comfortable future.


Full Course Material

1. IIIrd Degree Main Book (80 Pages)

2. Amazing Secrets of Psychic Surgery (200 Pages)

3. Science of Crystal Healing (80 Pages)

4. Book of (15) Symbols

IIIrd Degree – The Master Healer Course is a combination of all the powerful advanced healing techniques of Reiki Healing. Every subject & healing technique we teach is a complete independent science in itself. One can choose and specialize in any technique & can became master of it.

We feel proud to present a world class scientific unparallel course first of its kind in the world continuously enriching through its latest researches, new discoveries & developments creating a true successful spiritual & psychic healer. Empower yourself with the powerful Reiki weapons of IIIrd Degree to fight all incurable health & life problems, psychic attacks, fears, blind belief, help self & others to achieve everything we desire health, wealth, peace, power, love & spiritual heights.


(i) Psychic Surgery

(ii) The science of Crystal Healing

(iii) The science of Chakra

(iv) Kinesiology (A Perfect Diognosis)

(v) The Science of Third Eye

(vi) Psychic Attack Healing & Prevention

(vii) Master symbols & other thirteen symbols

(viii) Definite Goal Manifestation

1. Psychic Surgery – It is an amazing healing technique, very simple yet highly effective, can be learnt by anyone. Even an illiterate & child also can learn & perform this surgery successfully. It’s our own inborn natural psychic healing power. We initiate & guide you the right technique to perform it successfully. You can literally remove any psychi (subtle, mental) level cyst, stones, tumors, fibroids, pus, clotting, infected or defective parts, toxics or foreign substances exactly like normal surgery. You can repair, cleanse, reconstruct, reset, heal & re-energise the disturb organ, thus curing & helping the suffering humanity, preventing them from costliest medical surgeries.

2. The Science of Chakra – (The Major energy junctions of the Body)

(a) What are the Chakras? How it works? It exact locations & its function.
(b) Various methods of activation through Reiki, sysmbols, Crystal, Pyramids, Chakra Breathing, Special Sounds & mantra.

3. Chakra (Kundalini) Meditation : A most powerful meditation among all the meditation in Reiki Courses created by Gurudev Dr. NK Sharma with special effects of seven sounds of chakra, colours & mantra to awaken Psychic Powers, The Kundalini. An explicable spiritual experience.

4. Chakra & Body Scanner - (A wonderful Diognostic Device) A simple & effective way to scan the exact conditions of Chakra, Internal Body Organs, Energy Field, must be known to every IIIrd Degree Reiki Healer.

5. The Science of Third Eye – What is Third Eye, How it works, Several powerful methods of its activation. A detailed description from Bhairav Tantra.

6. Science of Crystal Healing - Full information about the crystal science is given in the IIIrd Degree course. You learn numerous powerful methods of treatment through crystal in it. Crystal science is such a powerful science in itself that a person can become a successful healer by gaining mastery alone in it. The students across the world have to spend a good sum of amount to learn this course separately.

Amazing Benefits of Crystals - Crystal (Quartz) are the greatest divine gift to the mankind, the only mineral having highest storage of cosmic energy which can be used for Fastest Healing, Energy Multiplication, Programming, Transmission, Negativity Clearing, Strong Protection, Meditation, Balancing, Development of Psychic Powers, Higher Spiritual Experiences, Dream Revelation, Goal Achievement, Grounding the excess energy etc.

It is Highly Beneficial in the followings –

(a) In energizing water, plants, food, house, business place, self & others.
(b) Increasing the average of petrol, gas & electricity.
(c) Preventing from strong radiation of earth, television, microwave-oven, computer, mobile
& other environmental hazards.
(d) For instant pain relief & healing all physical, mental, emotional, psychic & karmic

(e) We can send healing & reiki energy continuously for 24 hours anywhere in the world with
the help of crystals.


Quartz crystal has miraculous power of energy amplification, programming & transmission when various, crystals placed in a particular geometrical form. It become a pool of powerful healing energy. In which you can put any number of healing & wishes at a time. The multiplication of energy beings, faster & successful results.