Reiki Heals Chronic Back Pain in one week healing

In the month of August 2009, I received a SMS from my cousin sister Mrs Devi Sharma

from Namchi (Sikkim) on the eve of Rakhi.  It had been years that I had any news from

her since I have been out of Sikkim since many years now.  I called her up and she said

that she was bed ridden for the last one month because of her back pain.  I assured her

that on an auspicious day of Rakhi, I would like to give her a gift of good health and she

will be recovered from this sickness in a couple of days.  I started giving her healing

distantly and on third day of my treatment when I called her up and asked about her

back ache, she said that she was working in the kitchen.  When I asked her about the

pain, she replied that the pain had subsided and she could able to walk a little otherwise

for the last month she was not able to even move from her bed.  I continued her

treatment and after one week I called her up and she said that she was going to her

office and she was almost fine.  That day onwards she has not got any problem as such

and till now her back is perfectly alright.

Throat Cancer Healed in one month 

My sister Mrs Madhu Moktan had grown tumour in her throat which used to pain

severely and her throat had swollen. Doctors at Base Hospital, Bagdogra had

recommended her to get her throat operated in one month.  They also warned her that

she might get breathing problem because of the swelling of her throat.  I started giving

her emergency healing (Distance Healing)  and in one weeks time she got relieved from

pain and swelling subsided.  In one month of regular healing the swelling of her throat

vanished and the pain was also gone.  Subsequently, she got her throat checked once

again at Base Hospital and this time doctors had an opinion that she didn’t need

operation and her throat had recovered totally.  From that time till now she has got no

problem of that kind in her throat. Reiki can heal anything.  Thank you Reiki.

Hernia of two months old boy healed in 11 days of hands on healing

An infant of two months was brought by Mr Vikas Roy to our residence at Chandigarh

on   04 February 11 and Hernia was visible from outside and the report confirmed it.

The doctor said that the operation was inevitable. My wife Grand Master Ritu Sharma

started giving him Reiki Treatment and on the 3rd day the baby’s mother said that the

Hernia was decreasing in size. But after 07 February 2011 the treatment was

discontinued because the infant’s parents had some social commitment. His parents

brought him on 23 March 2011 again and from then 11 days course was started and on

02 April 2011 the healing sessions ended and hernia was not visible from outside and

parents were satisfied with the result. We asked them to go for another test to be

confirmed and as we knew already, the result showed no hernia and the operation was

averted. The parents of the baby was very happy and thankful for the healings and we

told them that they should show their gratitude for the divine energy of Reiki because

Reiki does wonder.

Blockages in two arteries of heart cleared in one month healing

There was a healing request from Mr Muthu from Chennai for Heart Blockages.  Two of

his heart arteries were blocked and doctor had advised for Angioplasty after one month.

Mr Muthu and his wife were very frightened .  Mr Muthu had become very weak.  I

started his healing and performed pychic surgery on him number of times.  On the first

week I concentrated on one of his heart arteries and cleared the blockage and on

second week I cleared the blockage of the second artery.  After that I gave regular Reiki

Healings to boost his energy level.  After one month of my treatment, Mr Muthu was so

confident about his health that he started going to his hotel  which he was looking after

and took charge of cash counter.  Later in that month, he also organized a marriage

ceremony of his niece and took full participation in it.  When I asked him to go and see

his doctor again and he refused to do so and said that he was okay and there was no

need to go to any doctor.  After consistent request he agreed to go through a test and

as expected the report was negative.  Psychic surgery is very useful in this type of

ailment where operation is must.  Thanks to Reiki and wonderful are the results of

Psychic Surgery.

Manish Sharma- Tumour of 2mm at the left brain near the left ear.

My best friend Manish Sharma from Delhi called me up on 21 Apr 2011 and cracked a

news of having diagnosed having a tumour of 2mm size in his left brain. I asked about

his medical tests report. He said that he had three MRI done on himself and all MRI

reports confirmed that he had a tumour in his left brain. I asked him not to worry and

recommended him to take a holiday and visit some hill station for a change. He went to

Manali alongwith his family on 23 Apr 2011. While returning from Manali on 24 Apr

2011, I told him about Reiki and it’s miracles. I assured him that he will be cured in no

time with Reiki healings. His doctors had given him a date for a laser surgery for the

tumour on 05 Jun 2011. I asked him to relax and my wife Mrs Ritu Sharma started

giving him Reiki Healings sessions from 24 Apr 2011. She performed psychic surgery

on him for 03 consecutive days and on 3rd day while performing psychic surgery, she

had a feeling that the tumour which she was treating was not present , as if it was

vanished from his brain. After that she started giving him regular Reiki Healings. On 03

Jun 2011, Manish went for new MRI scan and the report showed no tumour at all. He

showed the new report to his doctor and the doctor was amazed that where had the

tumour gone? Reiki is amazing. It has no limitations as such. Everything is possible with



On 1st of July 2011 I received a email from Ms Khushboo Sah. She said that she was

from Surat, Gujrat and she is a professional aerobic instructor. Due to some emotional

relationship discord she was suffering from depression and she wanted to come out of

it. I replied her email and gave her my phone number. The next day she called me and

we talked in details about her problem and gave her solution to that problem. As a

professional I maintain confidentiality, I would not discuss about the cause of her

depression but the interesting thing is that after my first conversation with her and a

distance Reiki healing session, she started feeling better. I taught her about Law of

Attraction and taught her to have Attitude of Gratitude. I asked her to call me daily in the

evening so that I could know about her progress. I gave her three continuous distance

Reiki healing sessions and stopped.

On 6th July I received a SOS (save our soul) message from her that she was not

feeling well and was going for an interview and she also said that she could not have

proper sleep the previous night. I immediately gave her an emergency distance healing

for her immediate recovery and also for her interview and after couple of hours she

called me back and said that she was selected as Aerobic Instructor in some Club and

was very happy and feeling much better. She was not told about the salary package

then and she started going for the classes. Now she was not sure about the salary she

would get from that club. She again requested me to give healing for her salary

package. I gave her healing for the positive and favourable situation with the boss. And

on 10th July her boss offered her salary package and that was 50% profit from each

student and she had 50 students in two batches. She was very happy and I was also

very happy (obviously) to hear that. And now she has two more classes in the evening

as well.  Thus, everything was brought in order from depression to happily living ever

after in 10 days with Reiki.

Case of Placenta Praevia cured by Reiki and Creative Visualisation

I was pregnant for my second child and in the third month of my pregnancy, Placenta

Praevia was diagnosed by doctors and I was recommended to take bed rest and asked

to take extra precautions as there was a chance of miscarriage. I searched in internet

and there were also reports from all over the world that the cases of low placenta were

always resulted in delivery through operation only. I along with my husband Grand

Master Puran Sharma sat and discussed the issue at length and decided to ignore the

medical diagnosis and their prophecies. I made up my mind that I will deliver my child

normally and naturally. I started giving myself Reiki healings and also I used creative

visualization with the intention of having normal delivery and healthy child. After giving

healings for continuous 6 months, the day came when I was admitted at Command

Hospital, Chandigarh. I delivered the baby normally and the doctor was amazed when

she said that I had little liquid in my uterus and despite that also I delivered the child

quite normally. As we had visualized the baby was quite healthy and the important thing

was that the whole situation had become favourable for us and every body was happy

with the result. We thank Reiki for its amazing powers and our ability to change the

world. Today my child is two years old and quite healthy. We call him Reiki Child. Thank

you Reiki and thank you all Reiki Masters.

Mentally disturbed become normal in nine months Reiki Healing

A young man named Vijay Sood (Changed name) from Nagpur was a software

engineer by profession.  In 2008 he went to Australia for a job placement and started

working but because of some problem he started behaving in strange manner.  For six

months he was not in his sense and his parents had no information of their son.  But

after much effort when he was found his mental condition was in bad shape.  They

brought him home but his condition did not improve.  He would not sleep for whole night

and at day time he would not behave normally.  His parents tried everything they came

across.  From medicines to prayers, from  ‘Tantrik’ to “Bangali Baba’ his parents tried

every thing but in vain.  They wasted lakhs of Rupees in his treatment but his condition

was not improving if not worsening.  They in 2011, his mother met me on a train when I

was travelling from Delhi to Nagpur.  I told her about Reiki  Healing System and she

immediately agreed to take a chance with Reiki.  I gave this assinment to my wife,

Grand Master Ritu Sharma.  She started his healing and gave him treatment for his

mental problem which we called ‘Psychic attack’.  She removed his ‘Psychic attack’ and

started giving him regular healings.

After one month of healing, his mother started saying that there is some

improvement in her son.  After second month, she said that 50% improvement was

there.  After six months of healing, 80 % improvement was declared by his mother.  By

this time he started to go to his brother-in law’s computer firm and started working there.

After nine months of regular healing, he became absolutely normal and started meeting

people in social gathering.  His mother was so impressed by Reiki Healing System that

she requested me to teach her the art of healing.  And I taught her.  She is now an

Advanced Reiki Healer.

Case of Migraine healed in three sittings of healing

A request was received from my cousin Nitin on 24 March 2012 for severe headache.

Nitin is studying for Engineering at Noida  As he is to study on regular basis he had

developed a severe headache for which he had to take pain killers.  I gave him first

sitting on the same day and two more in the consecutive days.  After three days he

himself rang up and declared that his headache had disappeared and he was y thankful

for that.  I was also very happy and thankful to my Reiki Masters who had taught me this

art of healing where I could bring happiness in so many lives.  Thank you very much

Reiki energy and all Reiki master.

DISCLAIMER - We as Reiki Healers never challenge the mainstream therapies, like Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, etc. We respect each mainstream therapies. What we say is that we help patients to relax and energy level of the patient is treated. With this treatment the inner healing system is activated so that the person's healing ability is amplified and complete well being is established. We have no competition as such with medical science. We are independent healing system but we work with other therapies as well and in fact, we complement them. We are Reiki healers (Reiki Channels) not medical doctors. We don't prescribe anything. We help you to regain your confidence and make you positive in life, thus complementing the healing process. Reiki is an intelligent energy, so it does what it should do to heal certain ailments. Reiki works because it does.