Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reiki & Mind Power workshop at Jabalpur on 02 & 03 August 2014.  From left standing is Mr KK Dixit, 62 Years old retired officer from Govt service, Mr Rahul Pillai, 28 years old Enterprenour, Director of Reiki Bless You Healing & Training Institute, Mrs Nirmal Kaur, 56 years old house wife, Mrs Vandana Namdeo, 40 years old house wife.  Enjoyed a lot in these two days of workshop and the participants learnt a lot and gave positive remarks about the workshop.  An unique experience.

Reiki Healing Workshop at Dwarka, New Delhi on 06 July 2014. The participants were Dr Surendra Nischal (PhD Psychology), Dr George (PhD Psychology), Dr Raman, Aaashish Nischal (Computer Engineer) and Narendra Sharma (Civil Engineer). A very successful and fruitful Workshop. Every one had their own blissful experiences. The workshop was focussed on Energy Heailng Sytem in which it was taught how to sense energy, regulate it with the help of own hands and then convert it into positive energy for the benefit of all humanity.

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